About us

Ars Studio Avsenik is a creative audio-visual company with a vision of innovation, oriented at projects which combine dynamic images, sound and space into an applicable multimedia solution by the means of cutting edge audio-visual technologies.


  • audio-visual integrated solutions
  • motion capture
  • 3D digital doubles & characters
  • 3D animations
  • 360° products, logos & virtual exhibits
  • 3D, digital & classic portraits
  • digital & animated art
  • architectural & multimedia projects
  • projection screens
  • light objects

With our knowledge, know-how experience and with customer consultations we create ingenious solutions for the presentation of multimedia content. We design standard and custom-made products and projects, formulated in audio-visual integral systems, while focusing on flexibility, usability, quality and aesthetics when achieving the final result.

We like to challenge ourselves by designing the most efficient, financially acceptable and eye-catching solutions, while not neglecting the required and appropriate selection of available AV technology on the market, which enables and supports the high quality presentation of multimedia materials.

We also deal with the production of multimedia audio-visual content in the form of presentational and promotional corporate videos, we create animated graphic images and develop digital art (digital and animated paintings, 2D and 3D portraits). For a single client, company or organisation, we produce unique multimedia content.

The extension of our services and products is achieved in creating conceptual architectural solutions and extensive multimedia projects, and in various occasional collaborations with business partners.

We provide our clients with the best solutions, reliable consulting, expert consultation, trend design, the latest and innovative technology and products, appropriate placement under expert supervision and technical support as we cooperate and maintain good relations with some of the world's largest and recognized manufacturers and suppliers of audio-visual equipment.

Our services and solutions cover various markets, such as residential, commercial, business, professional, art, educational and entertainment, as well as various purposes in private and public projects.


The beginnings of the company date back to 1995. The founder and director Martin Avsenik had previously worked as an independent cultural worker since 1988. The business path started and developed through graphic design and printing.

Over the last decade, the team at Ars Studio Avsenik has been working on the development of effective innovative products, the realisation of creative projects in the field of multimedia and architecture, and on the advancement in digital arts, which we are implementing within our creative unit, in which the fields of art, technology and business are intertwined.

Our goal is to work internationally, independently or in collaboration with other companies, and to create business networks with partners who are compatible with our vision. The level we're trying to reach is being able to develop, employ and use our products and project solutions in various fields, like the arts, culture, heritage, tourism, business, entertainment, education and architecture.


  • ARS Studio Avsenik, Martin Avsenik s. p., Staničeva 33 b, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • www.arstudio-avsenik.com
  • e-mail: ars@arstudio-avsenik.com
  • Ph.: +386 (0)1 439 29 30
  • VAT ID SI35352604
  • Registration No. 5753289
  • Administrative code: 44-1335/95, on 01/01/1995
  • NLB IBAN: SI56 0201 1001 3577 298, BIC: LJBASI2X
Ars Studio Avsenik is oriented at creative projects which combine dynamic images, sound and space into an applicable multimedia solution by the means of innovative technology.
Architectural Projects
Ars Studio Avsenik team finds challenges in conceptual architectural projects, in which we combine AV products, multimedia content and architectural elements.
Multimedia Projects
The multimedia projects that we create are the upgrade of our individual products, at which we follow-up our core activities even further.
ART GALLERY Enter the world created by the colourful painting palette and the artist's imagination, and discover unique art-works of famous artists.