eMonument is a digital cultural tribute to heritage that enlightens spectators with a dynamic emulsion of traditional patterns and modern technology. This innovative artistic monumental and architectural icon shows respect to cultural heritage and reminds of the importance of its preservation.


The monument is made in a traditional style with the elements of modernity. The primary solution is in a cuboid shape and is made of stone and marble and decorated with stucco and embossers. LED panels that are inserted in it display the multimedia content.


The purpose of this multimedia project is to break the monotony of static installations and artistic images and to go beyond the traditional art of patterns into an contemporary way of presentation.


In the case of our project, the content displayed on large LED wall consists of animations of patterns. Animation of these patterns take places in different layers and various compositions of complex motifs, generating within their own intersections in new, even more complex and unique patterns.


The displayed patterns awaken the viewer's feeling of seeing through a kaleidoscope toy, something many people remember fondly from childhood. This effect of kaleidoscopic illusion promotes the primary idea of a dynamic, ever-changing, and not a repetitive pattern that changes its symmetry, colours and shapes, while still respecting the rules of creating shapes and patterns of an age-old art form.


An additional attraction of the eMonument is the interactivity with spectators. An individual's data will serve as parameters for generating a personalised and unique animated pattern. Visitors can also create their own artistic creations by selecting colours, shapes, textures and music. Pattern animations will be accompanied with music and announcements, played to the audience through directional sound speakers, which are focused on listeners in order to avoid the sound pollution of urban surroundings.


LED walls can be used for other purposes such as announcements of art events, festivals, to present digital exhibitions, for displaying portraits and life achievements of important persons and for live broadcasting sport events, national ceremonies, concerts etc.


Around the platform where eMonument stands, smaller facilities for visitors will be arranged, such as coffee shops and restaurants to rest and enjoy the view of the surroundings, and a souvenir shop.

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