3D Products


While digital contents are getting all the attention, brands seek for innovative ways to present their products to consumers on the market. We have a perfect solution for you! We create 3D products for e-commerce, 3D and AR shopping, business presentation, cultural institutions and museums, trade and fair promotions, for interactive shopping experiences online & in-store.


There are 3 steeps needed to create or transform your product into a 3D product:

  • 3D MODELING – We design 3D products from files, with 3D laser scanning, with 3D photogrammetry or manually from scratch using art design skills.
  • TEXTURING – This is a process of adding colours, texture, depth and design to the 3D model.
  • RENDERING – The main addition is light which adds a sence of realism and brings 3D model to life.


To create innovative product story-telling experiences we provide you with an interactive 3D product visualization enabling 360° and in-depth product view. With 3D product animation you can showcase product key features and reconstruction, get insightful explanations, see exploded views, discover components and explore their parts.


To reach extra value we add to your 3D product animation special sound effects or compose music for your product. A 3D product can be presented online or on a holographic display.


We provide a complete customized integrated solution including:


Promote your product, increase sales and grab your consumers attention with an eye catching 3D product content by contacting us on ars@arstudio-avsenik.com or here.

Ars Studio Avsenik is oriented at creative projects which combine dynamic images, sound and space into an applicable multimedia solution by the means of innovative technology.
Architectural Projects
Ars Studio Avsenik team finds challenges in conceptual architectural projects, in which we combine AV products, multimedia content and architectural elements.
Multimedia Projects
The multimedia projects that we create are the upgrade of our individual products, at which we follow-up our core activities even further.
ART GALLERY Enter the world created by the colourful painting palette and the artist's imagination, and discover unique art-works of famous artists.