Motion Capture


Motion capture (MoCap) is the process of recording the real-time movements of people (actors). It translates them into data readable by animation software, with a purpose to apply them to a 3D character (rig) or a 3D digital double.


We provide 3D human motion capture on several levels:

  • Full Performance Mocap
  • Body Motion Capture
  • Facial Motion Capture
  • Fingers Tracking Mocap


Ars Studio Avsenik is one of the few companies in Slovenia (Europe) which offers a 3D human motion capture service for commercial purposes with an advanced Mocap software and with a wireless MoCap suit and gloves, operating on a system of inertial motion sensors. This suit is an entire MoCap studio, allowing creators to turn almost any space into a professional motion capture studio, which makes professional mocap services affordable.


During an integrated motion capture service for your animated 3D character we provide:

  • Consultation and counseling
  • Project team involvement
  • Motion Capture studio
  • Motion Capture equipment
  • Mocap & Animation software
  • Mocap actor or impersonator
  • High-quality 3D human motion capture (body, face, fingers)
  • Capturing, editing and cleaning data
  • Translating Captured Data
  • Applying data to 3D models
  • Rigging 3D characters
  • Photorealistic animation of 3D characters


Motion Capture can be used for animating 3D characters in Game development, Music, Film, Advertising, Sports, Dance, Education, Healthcare and for virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed-reality (MR) applications.


If you require our services and equipment for the realization of your idea, do call us on Ph.: +386 1 439 29 30 or send an e-mail to

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