Projection Screens

There are as many different projection screens (canvas, foil, glass,...) on the market as there are screen manufacturers. The user of the projection solution must therefore opt for a front projection or back projection, wall-mounted or self-standing projection screen, with frames or without, projection canvas, foil or glass, fixed or portable and then decide if its going to be used inside or outside and in what light conditions (bright, dark). This is not to mention different sizes (screen diagonal), formats and other technical specifications.


This can be a tough decision for someone who knows what they want but doesn't know how to achieve that. This is where the Ars Studio Avsenik team comes in, offering the client the most optimal projection solution, chosen from the leading cutting-edge technology, with accompanied screen, projector and sound system. When we offer customised audio-visual solutions for residential and commercial applications, which are also in accordance with architectural and interior design, we always focus on ensuring the effectiveness and high quality of the product in a given environment in order to fulfil the client's wishes. The eye-catching design of the finished product and consistent layout in the space, high resolution image, wide range of colours and excellent contrast and last but not least the blackest colour are our main challenges.


A projection screen of a minimalist look. Unique equipment available for private and public premises. Enlightens with full resolution projection with every detail visible.



An industrial-look projection screen made of tempered glass with metal construction. Experience the color-intensive multimedia world in a larger dimension and in full resolution!

Ars Studio Avsenik is oriented at creative projects which combine dynamic images, sound and space into an applicable multimedia solution by the means of innovative technology.
Architectural Projects
Ars Studio Avsenik team finds challenges in conceptual architectural projects, in which we combine AV products, multimedia content and architectural elements.
Multimedia Projects
The multimedia projects that we create are the upgrade of our individual products, at which we follow-up our core activities even further.
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