Self-standing Light Object


The two-sided self-standing Light Object is made of acrylic glass in which are inserted high quality and long-lasting LED lights. It is used to display two high-resolution prints of digital artistic paintings, in the front and at the back, which can be replaced by user, depending on its mood and opportunity.


Since the product is its own light source, it also illuminates printed digital paintings. When printing digital paintings, we use only the most rigid pigments that emphasise the durability and intensity of the colours. The light object is without a visible dark frame and because it is made of transparent acrylic glass, it acts as if the works of art are floating in the air. Since the product is free-standing, the viewer can walk around the product.


Light object formats can be custom-made according to pre-order, but are available in standard dimensions from 50 x 30 cm to 200 x 150 cm. The light object has a depth profile of 15 cm and has a non-painted acrylic frame, which gives a feeling of the absence of a standard frame that limits the static digital painting.


The additional value of the light object is in the manual regulation of the lighting intensity with the remote control or by touch screen. The lighting can be regulated gradually and dynamically, in relation to the brightness of a room.


Light objects are placed perfectly in private, commercial and public spaces.

Dimensions: up to 200 x 150 cm
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