3D Digital Double


We create and provide fully-rigged, animated, and vocal 3D digital doubles of human individuals on a top-notch level with lifelike facial expressions and photorealistic resemblance.


What is a 3D Digital Double?

A 3D digital double is a customized digital and visual reconstruction of an individual person into a 3D model. In a way, it’s a digital reincarnation of a real human being. It can be displayed in pre-recorded format or in real-time being interactive with its viewers.


The process of creating 3D Digital Double

To create a 3D digital double of a living person we use innovative methods like 3D scanning, with tools such as 3D scanners, or we use a more traditional method like photogrammetry.


The process becomes complicated when creating a 3D digital doubles of deceased, historical persons. To provide this we became specialized in customized 3D digital services including:

  • Manual body figure reconstruction from photos and videos
  • Creating 3D head portrait
  • 3D Modeling of low to high-poly characters
  • Clothing
  • Texturing & Lighting (skin, hair and clothing)
  • Rigging
  • Motion capture & Camera Tracking (read more here)
  • Voice reconstruction
  • Creating speech
  • Storyboarding
  • Computer Animation
  • Rendering
  • Final production


Our team involves creative director, 3D portraitist, 3D designers, animators, mocap specialists, actors and narrators, who have the knowledge and experience to bring the project from the start to the end.


3D Digital Doubles can be presented as human holograms for educational or entertainment purposes, on a concert stage or in a public event, in computer games, in video animations, etc.


Read more in details how we created the 3D Digital Double of Slavko Avsenik here.

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