Animated Wall


The Animated Wall is an ambitious project that is set up with the intention of building up or remodelling a building's external facade or the interior wall of a private, public or business premises into an animated wall. This innovative idea enables the client's company, activities and products to become visible and recognisable. To private user it provides a unique experience of multimedia content and ambient enlivening of the private space.


Suggested multimedia contents:

The Animated Wall is an identification element of the building in which companies, institutions or organisations are located, and can become widely recognisable and consequently successful in advertising its services and products.


The Animated Wall plays and exchanges certain appropriate ambient visualisations and animation attractions. It reacts to the movement, touch and voice of the observer. In this way, it attracts the attention of viewers and passers-by, which is the starting point of the whole idea, in order to further promote promotional contents to the right audience.


The Animated Wall can be transformed into a digital or a virtual gallery or a multimedia exhibition. It can play ambient visualisations or can even become an animated background of a cultural event, street performance or musical event.


An Animated Wall is an audio-visual medium that offers an enormously large and hot advertising space where companies can present themselves in the most creative and unique way. Successful marketing returns the initial investment to the project and also generates profits.



Live Broadcasting:
The Animated Wall also enables live broadcasts contents, which is especially attractive during sports, music and film events. On such occasions, a mass event is created in front of the building.


By installing touch screens, sensors and wireless controls, the Animated Wall can be turned into a gaming area for the purpose of playing computer video games or into interactive surfaces for commercial and entertainment purposes. It is also possible to watch concerts or movies of various genres.


Suggested solutions:

The Animated Wall can exist as a digital wall or as a projection wall.


The Animated Wall is made of projection foil applied on the toughened glass and is therefore mechanically protected. By connecting several projectors into a single integral system, we can achieve a large projection surface and high quality dynamic images. This also enables simultaneous change of videos and by that unlimited options of playing different content to different audience.


The second solution is made of toughened glass and an LCD on-off projection foil attached to it, which when activated enables the projection, and when turning it off, the surface becomes transparent, allowing the view into and out of the space that is constrained by the wall.


The animated digital wall is composed of several parts of digital panels (OLED, LED, mash, ...), the specifications of which vary according to the needs, demands and wishes of the client.


These setups enable simultaneous changes in displayed multimedia content and attractions and thus give unlimited possibilities of broadcasting various contents for different target audience.

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