UniGlass is the first product developed in series of unique rear projection screens. It's a self-standing rear projection screen made of safety toughened glass to which is attached a projection foil or thin profile glass covered with projection matrix (a combination of ceramic colour and micro lenses), inserted in and supported by a coloured pedestal made of wood, with built-in sound system and integrated platform for the projector.


UniGlass screen is available in formats 16:9 and 16:10 with a diagonal from 70 and to 120 (in inches). Screen thickness is from 6mm to 10mm, depending on the screen's size. With a suitable laser projector this screen supports and enables full HD and 4K resolution.


UniGlass provides a high-quality multimedia playback. Its main function is to display a variety of content, from promotional to educational, from presentational to cultural, from concerts, movies and sports contents, and so much more.


The emphasis is on creating an attractive and usefull product, on creating a unique design, on interactivity with the user, and on deep and sharp colours, which besides the screen are provided by the best choice of laser projectors.


UniGlass is, with its modern presence, suitable and unique equipment for private and public premises. The possibilities of the product's application are practically endless. Presenting business models and a new product launch with UniGlass, playing video games, rolling home cinema movies, broadcasting sport and music events, displaying digital and visual art, projecting relaxing and ambient visualisations. UniGlass inspires the viewer with a projection in full resolution, where every little detail of the projected image is visible.


The durability of the product is only possible when the recommended maintenance of the product and additional equipment is followed by its user.

Screen diagonal: from 70" to 130"
Screen thickness: from 6 mm to 10 mm
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