3D portraits

3D portrait is a portrait of a 3-dimensional artistic world. It is a product that is setting a new definition of the immortality of an individual’s image. An innovative approach, uniqueness and futurism can best describe the creation of a 3D portrait.


We produce 3D portrait namely in two different ways:

  •      3D portrait with scanning
  •      3D portrait with sculpting


When 3D scanning we take several pictures of the head and shoulders area of the portrayed person from several different angles and positions. This live shooting procedure can only be applied to living individuals.


Sculpting a 3D model of the head and shoulders portrait of a portrayed person is professionally made with computer software based on the existing photographs that are available to work with. This procedure can be applied to persons who are no longer living as well to alive individuals. Based on selected photographs from a certain period of individual’s life we reconstruct the shape and form of the head and facial features and follow the similarity of the portrayed person.


The final price of the 3D portrait is influenced by:

  •      the quality and quantity of selected photos,
  •      the size of the 3D portrait in pixels,
  •      the length of the hair,
  •      the age of the portrayed person,
  •      the number of corrections,
  •      the choice between a low-poly or a high-poly model, etc.

The accuracy and realism of the 3D portrait are remarkable. Such a portrait can beside just being a portrait be used as a hologram, for a 3D print, for laser engravings, displayed on the screen, for movies or video games, in entertainment industry, etc.


We offer you a service “professional portrait production” featuring 3D modeling, mapping, sculpting, texturing, lighting, (optional) animation and rendering. To present a 3D portrait we will advise and provide you with most suitable and latest screen or e-frame technology.


Do you want to leave your digital footprint in a 3D world? Contact us. We work with internationally renowned and experienced 3D artist who create high-profile 3D models of (famous) living and late people. We provide you with an integrated package from the order to final product. For more information and ordering options, send us your inquiry by submiting an inquiry form. Expect our response soon.

Portrait examples:

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