Digital Showcase


The "Digital Showcase" solution is based on the idea of the unique presentation and representation of the shopping centre, the promotion of brands in the area of the shopping centre and the advertising of their products and events.


Instead of the usual shop windows that are a feature of shopping centres nowadays, this solution offers a combination of a shop window with innovative AV products for multimedia presentation and promotion of brands and products. With this solution, we provide the client with a better optimisation and efficiency of the sales space.


The idea behind this solution is to create a trendy display of a brand image and a multi-sensory consumer experience when shopping. Trademarks can display their products in a digital showcase as physical exhibits, as well as more detailed and appealing multimedia content about the product through a digital or projection screen. The visual presentation of brands and products represented by a retail store can be even more interesting and convincing with the installation of audio equipment and the scent diffuser.


Our team can prepare a complete digital showcase for the client, covering the entire existing glass shop window, and a partial digital showcase, which provides space for physical products, as well a place for the screen that displays multimedia content. For screens we use projection glass, projection films and LED panels and other suitable AV products. An optional application is the On-Off foil on the glass, which allows projection when it is deactivated, and the transparency of the digital showcase when it is activated.


The digital showcase communicates with a potential customer through interactivity more targeted. Through an application, a user can create its own fashion combinations before deciding what to buy. An additional attraction for a potential buyer is the use of an action painting application. This works by letting the gesture camera follow the moves of the customer, who with their gestures draws an artwork on the screen.


By creating incentivised audiovisual content for brands and presenting products with animated logos and videos that are broadcasted in a digital showcase and are coordinated and updated at the same time, you can reach different target groups of customers.


This creative solution is therefore an excellent choice to surprise more senses of your target customers and to show the latest shopping trends! We therefore recommend that you not only attract the attention of the buyer, but also persuade them to buy.

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