3D Logo Animation


Perhaps in a time of digital business transformation, it is also time to upgrade your business image and your brand? Be a part of the next generation in 3D advertising. Promote your brand with an innovative 3D logo animation to boost your company's image. Remember, never underestimate the power of your logo.


Ars Studio Avsenik newest service on the market is a 3D logo animation production. Our team can transform your company's logo in a 3D logo animation with a combination of different softwares and by following next steps: 3D modelling (creation of the 3D logo out of 2D logo), animation and rendering (preparing files for different applications). To reach extra value of your new 3D logo animation we can add special sound effects or compose your logo's own music.


With a 3D logo you can present your company in a brand new, 3rd dimension. Using high-quality 3D logo animation is an excellent way to present yourself to your partners and clients on the next level.


Most importantly, with the 3D logo animation production we transform your logo in the form that can be applied in a 3D holographic display such as are holographic pyramids and holographic LED fan video-wall of renowned brands. Both displays are with 3D logo animation contents a perfect way to stand out, increase your logo experience and to boost your business brand at busy commercial settings, promotional events and in retails or fairs, also digital signage campaigns.

Our company offers you a complete package: content (production of 3D logo animation) with music and a suitable holographic screen according to customer preferences and application needs.


Your 3D logo animation can also be used for Youtube channel, company's website, professional intros, presentation openers, online and digital promos, blogs, etc.


Promote your brand, increase sales and grab your customers attention with an eye catching logo by ordering a 3D logo animation today!


Contact us via phone +386 1 439 29 30 or send an e-mail to ars@arstudio-avsenik.com.

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