3D Holographic Displays


There are several holographic displays in different dimensions available. Currently most popular are 3D holographic pyramids and 3D holographic LED fans, which we both provide to our clients. A holographic display is a display that enables a virtual three-dimensional image of an item. In this case you not need 3D glasses or other equipment.


3D Holographic LED Fans are more simple and affordable solution to present 3D contents and 3D product animations. When displaying a 3D product, it feels like it’s floating in mid-air. Their advantage of this innovative technology solution is that multiple 3D Holographic LED Fans can be combined and connected to create large holographic surfaces and walls in different horizontal or vertical formats. This solution is most suitable to present either smaller 3D objects or larger like 3D Digital Double as a Human Hologram.


3D Holographic Pyramids enable even more complex presentation of your products. The main advantage of this display is allowing you to combine a physical product (or a 3D product) with 3D content, sound and interactivity. The production of 3D content is the most important component for this holographic solution. It acts likes a digital overlay of images and videos that can that can surround the observed object or be displayed on top of a physical product. The combination creates a MR (mixed reality) experience for a consumer, making your brand really come to life.


We provide an integrated solution from an idea to finished project:

  • 3D Products
  • 3D Contents
  • Animation production
  • 3D Holographic Displays


The 3D holographic display solutions are best to be installed and presented in stores, on trade fairs, at company's headquarters, in museums, different shows and concerts or anywhere you wish.


Contact us or send email in case you need to bring your products and your brand to the next level, we have plenty of solutions to realize your ambitious ideas!

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