Classic portraits

We know several different types of classic portraits. We segregate them according to the media used by the artist. The most known and popular classic portraits are:


  • portrait in oil on canvas
  • pencil portrait on paper
  • portrait with charcoal on paper
  • portrait in acrylic on canvas
  • portrait in watercolor
  • portrait in pastels


We work with internationally renowned and experienced portraits specializing in creating portraits with the mentioned media.


The choice of media influences the portrait’s production date. A portrait can be created  within a few days and up to several months, which should be taken into account when ordering for a delivery on time. A classic portrait is suitable as a gift for anniversaries, birthdays and important life-changing moments (marriage, graduation, employment, birth, etc.).

We recommend ordering a classic portrait to those who want to follow and have a traditional depiction of a portrait. A classic portrait radiates individual’s personality and defines its presence in society.


Would you like to order a portrait? Contact us! We provide you with integrated package from the order to final product. For more information and ordering options of portraits, send us your inquiry by submitting an inquiry form. Expect our response soon.

Portrait examples:

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Other portraits:

Digital portrait painting
It's not a portrait photo and it's not a portrait painting, yet it's still a piece of art. A digital portrait painting is an art-piece created by human with a help of different softwares and displayed in a classic or digital way.
Animated portraits
Bring your loved ones back to life and create memories of yourself or your family members in innovative way for all the future generations! Animated portrait is a live version of you or any other portrayed person, which tells a life story.
3D portraits
Welcome to the new dimension of portraits! Difficult to make, but when done 3D portraits are the most jaw-dropping portraits ever created. What a brush can't do, a software can, while the moves are still guided by the human – the artist.
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Architectural Projects
Ars Studio Avsenik team finds challenges in conceptual architectural projects, in which we combine AV products, multimedia content and architectural elements.
Multimedia Projects
The multimedia projects that we create are the upgrade of our individual products, at which we follow-up our core activities even further.
ART GALLERY Enter the world created by the colourful painting palette and the artist's imagination, and discover unique art-works of famous artists.