Nautylus is an extraordinary hybrid project, which combines art, multimedia and landscape in a hybrid architectural icon that breaks the boundaries of possibility.


It is a host to many individuals, generations and nationalities, precisely placed on the edge of peninsula, but at the same time it is also a traveller, wandering and exploring like a man-made floating island in the vastness of the sea.


The floating island is in the shape of an ellipse in the dimensions 360 by 250m. When in standstill, it is connected to the shore by a 150m long bridge, from which it disconnects when it sails to the open sea. The outer edge of the island is surrounded with a sandy beach.


The main building on the island is 150m in length, 65m in width and 34m in height. It is a home for the trendiest multimedia gallery with several halls, holding artistic events including a biennial competition. In this gallery audio-visual artistic works are displayed through latest and innovative multimedia display solutions.


The building is also home to a concert hall with an auditorium and the eStage, the components of which are an oversized video-wall screen, 3D holograms, projections, light and special effects.


At the top of the building luxury apartments and restaurants are located, with domestic and international cuisine and hosting Michelin-starred chefs.

The associated surroundings of the main building are enriched with footpaths, green parks and beaches. There are also 8 multi-purpose smaller buildings, which serve as ateliers and workshops with residential and tourist apartments.

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