A crystal plaque with a 2D laser engraved image of Avsenik Slavko released

On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of Slavko Avsenik's birth, a rectangular crystal plaque with a 2D laser engraved image of Slavko Avsenik was released by the company Ars Studio Avsenik. The engraving is extremely precisely engraved in Swarovski's highest quality optical crystal glass. In addition to Avsenik’s image, the engraving also includes an engraved thought about music by Avsenik and his autograph.


The plaque’s dimensions are 18 cm x 13 cm x 0.5 cm and it is stored in a black gift box with velvet imitation inside. The plaque is carried by a LED light stand which illuminates the engraving on the plaque.


The engraving cannot be felt by touch and it has a lifetime warranty. Made in Slovenia.


For order and price information send your inquiry via email ars@arstudio-avsenik.com.


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