Grand opening of the exhibition “Echo of the Words II”

On the 10th of October 2012 we held a grand opening of the first international joint art exhibition in Dubai, named “Echo of the Words II”. The exhibition presented artworks from Slovenian academic artist Martin Avsenik and Emirati artist Khalifa El Shimy.


For this occassion Avsenik created the animated sound calligraphic picture by motifs from El Shimy’s paintings. This digital art piece has been presented to the public for the first time at the grand exhibition opening on a MegaGlass display, while it was accompanied by the music of a Slovenian composer Slavko Avsenik Jr. El Shimy exhibited more than 20 modernistic acrylic paintings.


At the grand opening we also presented for the first time the innovative e-learning program for Arabic calligraphy, called eCalligraphy. It was developed by Ars Studio Avsenik team in collaboration with a calligrapher El Shimy.


The exhibition’s opening in the Gallery of Light in DUCTAC (Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Center) has been visited by our friends, colleagues, business partners from UAE, Slovenians living in UAE, art critics and professors, DUCTAC’s board and others. The audience presented a multinational and multilingual community, which complies with the vision of our exhibition – combining traditional with modern from different parts of the worlds.


We want to thank all who have come and visited the exhibition and who have supported us before, during and after this project.

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