MegaGlass demonstration at CGS Conference

In May 2012 the 9th CGS conference was held in Exhibition and Convention Centre “Gospodarsko razstavišče Ljubljana”. It was attended by over 400 participants.


CGS conference as the central Slovenian event was intended for architects, builders and others involved in planning, construction and maintenance of facilities and experts in the field of infrastructure, telecommunications and energy. The special guest of the conference was Matevž Lenarčič, who successfully finished his flight around the world with ultralight plane Virus-SW914 developed by Pipistrel.


On CGS conference also Ars Studio Avsenik has been presented with a product MegaGlass, in a cooperation with companies Lestra - Center Projekcije ( and Xpand 3D Cinema (


The combination of Projectiondesign’s projector (model F35 AS3D), MegaGlass in dimensions 270 x 160 cm and stereoscopic 3D glasses has enabled a 3D projection of various contents, such as plans of construction and infrastructure, as well as excerpts from different 3D movies.


This event gave us another chance to successfully introduce our work and products to Slovenian public.

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